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Free-Range Chicken Consommé

 White Miso Broth & Fresh Herbs  


Sicilian Prawns 

Caviar, Arugula & Aragan Oil

Artisan Free Range Eggs Pasta

Winter Truffle Tagliatelle, Alpine Butter Sautéed Mushrooms

Line Caught Red Snapper

Baked Whole with Preserved Tangerines and Lemons, Jerusalem Artichoke-Lotus Seed Puree


USDA Prime Black Angus Tenderloin

Whole Roasted, Sichuan Pepper & Beechwood Honey Rub

Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Garlic Confit Sautéed Spinach, Bamboo Shoots

Medjool Dates Arborio Rice Pudding

Candied Lotus Root, Caramelized Pistachios




Prosecco Reception & Free Flow Wines 

Per Min. 10 Guests, All-Inclusive


$1500 Excluding Wines/ B.Y.O.B Welcome



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